Download 1Click DVD Copy for Windows

Download 1Click DVD Copy

PublisherLG Software Innovations
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No matter how long a DVD you have, one day, the DVD will be damaged so that it can no longer be used at all. DVDs that are played very often have a higher risk of damage than those that are rarely played. Therefore do not be surprised if many users choose to move the contents of the DVD to a computer hard drive. Even those that are seldom played are sometimes also copied, but after that, they are moved to cloud storage.

1Click DVD Copy uses CPRx technology to help copy DVD videos from a DVD whose condition is full of scratches so that the contents are entirely copied without any errors. In addition to being able to copy DVD contents to a hard drive, the software can also copy them to other DVDs.

Features and Highlights

Download 1Click DVD Copy for Windows

Almost every film on an original DVD is accompanied by a few extra videos such as video filmmaking and interviews of the cast and the responses of some film crews. Sometimes there are also some videos that contain scenes removed from the film. If you have found videos called “deleted scenes” on YouTube, they are usually taken from other videos available on DVD. 1Click DVD Copy can copy movies and all these other videos.

1Click DVD Copy can also move videos from laptop hard disk to DVD. Even if you transfer the video to a DVD whose capacity is smaller than the size of the video file, the video can still be entirely copied to DVD using the compression feature provided. Again, the negative impact of your video will be reduced in quality.

The higher the size of the file that needs to be compressed, the less the quality of the video copied to DVD. For movie quality to be maintained as well as possible, the number of files copied to DVD must be reduced. You can just copy the film, while the rest, such as subtitles and other videos, can be copied to another DVD or uploaded to cloud storage.

Download 1Click DVD Copy

According to the developers, the quality of the compressed DVD video will not differ much from the original even if you copy movies from a DVD that has a capacity of 9 GB (dual-layer) to a DVD with a capacity of 4.7 GB (single layer). This condition can occur because the DVD video is basically compressed so that it will not really affect the quality if the compression level is raised slightly.

The ability to move files from a dual-layer DVD to a single layer DVD as a whole as above is not a feature that you can find on all DVD software. Many other software can also copy DVD videos, but not many software can match the advantages that can be found on 1Click DVD Copy.

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