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Creating animation without drawing ability is not an impossible thing to do. One technique that can be used for that is the stop motion animation technique. The method uses one or more objects that are photographed many times in a row. Every time a photo is finished, the object is moved slightly and then photographed again. When you see the photos quickly, the impression will appear that the object is moving by itself.

AnimaShooter Capture is software for processing sequential photos into a stop motion animation video. Besides JPEG and TIFF, photos taken in RAW format are also supported. The photos used as material for making animations can be taken from the DLSR camera and webcam integrated with AnimaShooter Capture or from a collection of photos that are already in File Explorer.

Features and Highlights

Download AnimaShooter Capture for Windows

AnimaShooter Capture supports Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Fujifilm, Blackmagic Design, GoPro, and various other action cameras, as well as a USB webcam, especially webcam made by Microsoft and Logitech. Canon-branded cameras get the most support so you can set the camera directly from the AnimaShooter Capture window. Which can be set include ISO, aperture, image quality, live view, shutter speed, and others, while the camera detection by AnimaShooter Capture takes place automatically.

Although the camera can be adjusted using the buttons on the camera body, you should change the camera from within AnimaShooter Capture because there are its benefits. Each camera setting made via AnimaShooter Capture can be saved separately.

By saving camera settings, you don’t need to set the camera from the beginning the next time you get involved in a similar animation project. The camera settings that you have saved can be immediately reactivated quickly.

AnimaShooter Capture can also create animation from a collection of PNG and WEBP images, improve the contrast level of the image, make the image brighter or darker with the Exposure Compensation feature, and can take multiple photos at once in one camera shot with Multicapture.

Download AnimaShooter Capture

When it comes time to edit photo sequences, you can copy photos, move one photo or several photos at once to another position, and hide all photos that will not be included in the animation. And before you process a collection of photos into animation, a preview feature is available to review the animation at 30 fps (frames per second).

AnimaShooter Capture is available in several licenses, including personal, company, educational, and student. There are no feature differences between the licenses. The only difference is the usage rights. For example, if you are an animator or freelance photographer and intend to use AnimaShooter Capture for commercial purposes, then the license you should choose is a personal license.

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