Publisher Ashampoo
Latest Version 1.21.3
Category Utility
File Size 55MB
Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10
License Freeware
User Rating 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (1 user votes)

The number of downloads for all Ashampoo software is claimed to have reached more than 500 thousand downloads each month, and overall there are more than 20 million Ashampoo users in various countries. The number also includes the number of Ashampoo Burning Studio users.

Ashampoo Burning Studio is a free product that is still available for those of you who often store files on DVDs even though the current trend has shifted to USB drives. To use it, you must be willing to spend a little time to register.

Features and Highlights

Download Ashampoo Burning Studio for Windows

Ashampoo Burning Studio requires an internet connection to display the registration box. You must fill it in with your e-mail address to create an Ashampoo account as well as to activate it. After you confirm your account registration, Ashampoo will send email messages regularly, which mostly contain promotions and discounts to buy Ashampoo digital products. In this case, you can prevent it by using a temporary email service.

Ashampoo Burning Studio’s interface can be said to be good, but unfortunately, it is not matched by good loading speeds. Much slower than BurnAware and AnyBurn. Those of you who have an old computer and have not yet upgraded it should use one of the two much lighter software.

Apart from registration problems and loading speed, the rest is not so disappointing. Ashampoo Burning Studio can do its job as a burning software well. Navigation is also easy. Just by looking at all the options listed in the sidebar, you can immediately find out what Ashampoo Burning Studio can do.

The ability to burn documents, music, and videos is a standard feature that is present in every burning software, including Ashampoo Burning Studio. But, it is rare to slip the backup feature into a burning software.

Download Ashampoo Burning Studio

Ashampoo Burning Studio can backup files to various storage media, including USB drives and DVDs. Because backups include files that are rarely accessed, an option is also provided to compress backups automatically. Compression will make the backup process even longer but can save disk space.

Disc spanning is also an option in making backups. With it, you can split the backup into several parts if the size is larger than the capacity of a DVD (or other storage media). So if you want to back up a file size of 30 GB, the file can be broken up to be stored on several DVDs.

For safety, backup files can also be protected. What to watch out for, do not forget the password used to lock and access backups because passwords cannot be recovered and cannot be reset. Once you lose the password, you won’t be able to open the backup file again.

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