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Remote access technology has been around for a long time, but until now, there are still many people who store important files on a flash drive. As a result, when someone forgets to bring a flash drive containing an important file to be submitted to the lecturer or supervisor, then he is forced to return home to retrieve the flash drive. Time is wasted.

The above event will not occur if important files are always stored on a private server because the files can be accessed only by downloading via a computer in the office or campus. Creating a private server is not as difficult as some people think. Transferring files between client computers and servers can also be secured by using the SSH protocol. After the SSH server is successfully created, you can access the server at any time with the Bitvise SSH Client.

Features and Highlights

Bitvise SSH Client Free Download Windows

The main advantage of using Bitvise SSH Client is that data is always encrypted even if you are using an insecure connection, for example, a WiFi connection in a cafe. This encryption is very important because the theft of personal data via a WiFi connection can be done by anyone just by using the right software. This was demonstrated by a software developer named Eric Butler through his Firefox extension called Firesheep.

Bitvise SSH Client itself consists of Personal Edition and Standard Edition. Personal Edition is a freeware that remains free even if you use it for business purposes, while Standard Edition is shareware that has a 30 day trial period. Both editions are equally easy to install and uninstall and don’t contain any advertisements. You also do not need to upgrade Windows to the latest version to use it as long as the OS you are using is Windows XP SP3.

Bitvise SSH Client, formerly called Bitvise Tunnelier, can connect to any server as long as you have access rights to the server, so you are not required to use Bitvise SSH Server. But if you create a private server, it will be easier if you also install Bitvise SSH Server as well.

Download Bitvise SSH Client

The use of Bitvise SSH Client is not only limited to file transfers, but also for many other purposes such as to visit blocked sites, access FTP servers that can only be accessed by certain IPs, open websites anonymously, and so on. If you travel so often that you are forced to repeatedly access an online bank or office server via a WiFi connection at your place of stay, you can also use Bitvise SSH Client to secure your internet access to avoid the practice of data theft carried out through such methods DNS Spoofing and IP Spoofing.

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