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Latest Version 9.1
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File Size 50MB
Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10
License Shareware
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Data loss within a company can be fatal, resulting in substantial financial losses. That’s why many companies test the stability of hardware components before a computer is used as a server. Hardware testing is done by the burn-in method, which is also often referred to as stress testing. The technique essentially forces the computer to work in maximum capacity continuously.

BurnInTest developed by Passmark Software is software that was created specifically to carry out the test and is available for 64-bit and 32-bit Windows. The license is divided into Standard and Professional with a fairly large price difference.

Features and Highlights

Download BurnInTest for Windows

The duration of testing can be determined based on time or cycle. By default, the test is carried out for 15 minutes. You can shorten or extend the duration, or you specify the number of tests, for example, three times the test cycle.

Besides CPU, hard disk, monitor, GPU, RAM, BurnInTest can also test ports, batteries, microphones, Bluetooth, and webcam. When first run, there are six components included in the test list, and one of them is the hard drive. Each of these components can be arranged separately by clicking on the Test Preferences icon located in the top left corner. For example, if you have more than one hard disk installed on the computer, you can choose which hard drive you want to test through the Test Preferences window.

After setting up test configurations for each component, all of these configurations can be saved so that later you can do the same test for maintenance without having to reset the setting for each component.

If the next test is different from the previous one, you can save the new configuration in a separate file. By having these configuration files, the steps you must go through to do the burn-in can be trimmed as short as possible.

You are free to choose how many components you want to test. BurnInTest supports multithreading so that the selected parts can be tested simultaneously. Hardware testing can be done faster, thanks to technology.

Download BurnInTest

Within the company’s scope, burn-in tests are essential to be applied to computers that will be used as data storage centers. By doing these tests, computer problems such as a slow hard disk or a hard drive that is damaged in just a few days of use since it was purchased can be avoided as early as possible.

Backups can indeed help to recover lost data, but still, the company’s operations will be disrupted when damage occurs on the server computer. The larger the scale of the company, the higher the loss that must be borne even though the damage can be overcome quickly. For this reason, it is only natural that BurnInTest is included as one of the necessary software tools to test the reliability and stability of computers.

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