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Animated films that you watch very often as a child may slowly bring up the desire to become an animator. Fortunately for those of you who were born at the time of penetration of the computer and the internet is sophisticated enough because the software to create animations is very easy to find and download.

Cartoon Animator, previously called CrazyTalk Animator, is an animation software that has been trusted by many animators to turn static images into awesome 2D animated characters. In addition to entertainment, animations created with Cartoon animators can be intended for education, advertising, and various other business interests.

Features and Highlights

Download Cartoon Animator

To ensure that Cartoon Animator can run smoothly, your computer must have at least a dual-core processor, a minimum of 4 GB RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce 9800 GX2 graphics card. It is also recommended for you to prepare 10 GB of hard disk storage space because Cartoon Animator is also equipped with hundreds of free content such as cartoon characters, 200 more accessories, 435 animated character movements, and others. Also provided hundreds of other free content as a bonus if you buy Cartoon Animator.

The cartoon characters provided in Cartoon Animator can be used as material for learning to make animations and to familiarize yourself with all the features available. The first step that can be done is to choose a character to be included in the editing area where the character can be enlarged, reduced, rotated, and so on.

You can choose accessories from a template to add to the characters. Each accessory and also the character itself can be replaced at any time by simply double-clicking an item in the template. Each character can then be given a framework in which there are joint points that allow the character to move. It called the rig can be added manually or automatically by using Auto IK Rig.

There is a rig for the human body called Humanoid, for quadruped characters, for winged figures like bats (Two Winged), and footless animals such as snakes and worms (Crawling Spines). As for other characters such as many-legged animals, for example, spiders, you can use a custom rig to add rigs manually so that the character can move.

Download Cartoon Animator

Adding the rig is not difficult because the way to do it is by simply drawing lines on each joint of the body. Each time you release the mouse while drawing a line, the end of the line will be the center of the movement. For example, one of the points of motion in the arm is the elbow that allows the arm to move.

Professional and novice animators widely use Cartoon Animator. Practical, comfortable, has abundant resources, both free and paid, and guidelines for using it are everywhere, especially on video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

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