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Publisherplasq, LLC
Latest Version3.5.15
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Operating SystemWindows 7 / 8 / 10
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Most people think that to make comics, you need excellent drawing skills. In the past, that opinion was correct. Right now, even if you don’t have the slightest talent for drawing, you can still make good comics by relying on imagination and Comic Life.

Comic Life is a comic maker software intended for iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows, and Chromebook users. No drawing process must be done in Comic Life. There is only the placement of images, coloring, adding effects, and choosing words.

Features and Highlights

Download Comic Life for Windows

Only armed with several photos that form a storyline and a little free time, you can already create comics. That’s the greatness of Comic Life that made it very popular.

Every photo you put into Comic Life can be polished with several effects to make it look like a cartoon. Then you choose a template, add words in the bubbles for each character in the photo, add a title, then be a comic that is ready to be published on the internet or sent to your friends.

The interface parts in Comic Life consist of a Menu containing various options, a tool to display several features that you use frequently, a Page Edit for editing and composing photos into comics, a Resource which is a container to hold photos and various templates, elements that contain word bubbles in multiple forms, and a Page Organizer that is used to review and organize every comic page that you have created.

Regarding word bubbles, each bubble by itself will increase in size according to the amount of text you add to it. Word bubbles can also be enlarged manually by pulling the edges, just like the position of the bubble that can also be shifted at will.

Word bubbles are available in various models. If none of the models is what you want, you can choose one of them, edit it many times until you get the shape you want, then save it as a new model so that it can be used directly in the future without editing.

Download Comic Life

What can be processed by Comic Life into a cartoon is not only photos from photographs or those you download from the internet, but also images from editing in Adobe Photoshop, screen capture, from drawing on a tablet, and other images. Which format is supported. Each of these images can be converted into a cartoon without having to spend hours in front of the monitor screen. The result may not be as good as a comic made by a veteran comic, but if it is just for fun or to express opinions creatively, the comics produced by Comic Life are quite satisfying.

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