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Not every computer can run iTunes properly because it requires considerable resources. In various forums, including Reddit and iTunes forum itself, many users have complained about various performance issues on iTunes, such as the use of RAM, which soared to 6 GB.

These disturbing problems that made the presence of CopyTrans were greeted with high enthusiasm. CopyTrans can simplify the management of files originating from all iOS devices (iPod, iPad, and iPhone) but without making your computer work extra hard to run it.

CopyTrans can be installed via a tool called CopyTransControlCenter. Inside the tool, there are several other software such as CopyTrans Contact, CopyTrans Back-up Extractor, and CopyTrans Cloudly, which you can also download and install if you want to try it. Installation that is done through CopyTransControlCenter must use an internet connection.

Features and Highlights

CopyTrans Free Download Windows 10

CopyTrans can not do many things because it is only part of a suite. You can use CopyTrans to back up multimedia files to your computer and iTunes, but you can’t back up your photos and entire contact list. To backup your contact list, you must use CopyTrans Contacts. Likewise, photo backups can only be done with CopyTrans Photo.

The backup method provided is also limited. There are only Smart Backup and Manual Backup methods. If you choose Smart Backup, the backup will be done automatically, and all files on your iOS device will be backed up without exception. If you want to choose what files need to be backed up, then Manual Backup is the method you must use.

The more the number of files that are backed up, the greater the hard disk space needed to store all the files. Therefore CopyTrans will try their best to prevent the appearance of duplicate files. During the backup process, CopyTrans will compare the files that you want to back up with files that are already on the computer or iTunes. Only new files will be processed.

Download CopyTrans for Windows

CopyTrans is a software that has a shareware license. Shareware generally has a trial period that lasts 30 days or 60 days, but the CopyTrans trial period is not determined based on usage time but based on how often you use the software.

You are allowed to use CopyTrans for free up to 100 times usage. After that, you can buy a license for $ 19.99 to continue using or choose to extend the trial period. Up to 200 times the renewal bonus is provided by notifying CopyTrans to your friends via Facebook and Twitter.