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Processor temperatures that are too high can cause the computer to restart or even turn itself off. The more often this condition occurs, the greater the risk of damage to the processor. For this reason, a better cooling system is needed to prevent the same conditions from reoccurring. In addition, the use of Core Temp can also assist in monitoring the processor temperature.

Core Temp is a software that has functions to monitor processor temperatures. Processor temperature information is obtained by Core Temp from DTS (Digital Thermal Sensor) technology that is in a multi-core processor. Core Temp supports AMD, Intel, and VIA processors. If you want to know what processor models it supports, you can read the full list on the official Core Temp website.

Features and Highlights

Download Core Temp for Windows

No need for complicated settings to be able to monitor the temperature of the processor with Core Temp. Run the software, then minimize Core Temp to the system tray. At that time, the temperature of each processor core will immediately appear in the form of colorful figures. The color of each number can be changed via the Display tab in Settings.

In addition to the processor temperature, other information can also be displayed in the system tray, including information on RAM usage and processor frequency. The color of each number for each of this information can also be replaced. Backgrounds in the form of colors can also be added to the numbers so that they are more easily found among other icons in the system tray.

Complete information can be seen in the Core Temp main window, which includes the processor model name, socket, frequency, Tj. Max and number of cores. What is meant by Tj. Max is the maximum temperature of the processor, where the clock speed will be reduced automatically. The aim is to protect the processor from damage due to excessive heat.

Core Temp provides a screenshot feature. By pressing the F9 key, screenshots in the form of Core Temp main types will be taken and saved in PNG format. This feature makes it easy for you to provide screenshots when consulting about processor issues in various forums or on social media.

Download Core Temp

Core Temp can also be set to display a warning automatically when the processor temperature has entered a critical stage. This feature is called Overheat Protection. You can determine the maximum temperature yourself. If the maximum temperature you set is 90 degrees Celsius, at that temperature, the notification will be raised by Core Temp.

There are two forms of notification available in the Overheat Protection feature. The first is the pop-up notification. As for the second type of notification, Core Temp will appear in the taskbar in a blinking state. In addition to displaying notifications, Core Temp can also be set to run certain software automatically when the processor temperature reaches a specified limit. Other options include hibernate, sleep and power down.

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