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Download Corel AfterShot 3.6

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Operating SystemWindows 7 / 8 / 10
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Overexposed or underexposed photos are just one of the problems that can occur when someone is photographing an object. Beginners do not only experience the problems that arise in taking photos, but also photographers who already have high-flying hours in the world of photography. Corel AfterShot comes as a solution that is equipped with a variety of appropriate tools to edit one or several photos at a time and to manage thousands of photos collected from several shooting sessions.

Corel AfterShot is claimed to be 4x faster than Adobe Lightroom. The claim originated from a test in the Corel lab by converting 100 RAW photos to JPEG format on an Intel Core i7 computer using Windows 10 as its operating system. The RAW images were taken from several camera models such as Canon, Panasonic, Nikon, and other cameras. Subsequent tests conducted by importing photos into the catalog also prove the speed of Corel AfterShot can beat the speed of Adobe Lightroom CC.

Features and Highlights

Download Corel AfterShot

Corel AfterShot can edit photos and save the edits separately in the XMP file. Thus the original photo will remain as before. If you open an edited photo with another image viewer software, you will not be able to see the editing results. To view it, the picture must first be exported to one of the photo formats supported by Corel AfterShot. The editing technique applied by Corel AfterShot is known as “non-destructive editing.”

Each edited photo has its XMP file. An edited picture can be edited on another computer using Corel AfterShot, but you must copy or move the images and XMP files to the computer. Another possible way to do this is to transfer photos and XMP files to a flash disk, then install the flash disk on another computer and edit photos without moving them to a computer hard drive.

The more photos you edit, the more XMP files created by Corel AfterShot. However, the existence of the XMP files makes it easy to edit photos that are done on an ongoing basis in a team.

Download Corel AfterShot

Each XMP file can also contain several edited versions. For example, a blue glass photo you can edit to red, yellow, and green. Thus you have four glass photo versions. All versions are stored in one XMP file, and you can see each version as thumbnails in Corel AfterShot. Besides being faster than Adobe Lightroom, Corel AfterShot prices are also lower so that not a few photographers are interested in using it.

As for photography hobbyists who simply satisfy their desires, free software is available to process RAW photos such as RawTherapee and Darktable. For photo management, many users have recognized the speed of XnView, XnViewMP, and FastStone Image Viewer. All alternative software is free, but its performance and features are excellent.

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