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dmMediaConverter is a frontend to make it easy for you to use the features in FFmpeg. Converting videos with an interface that is only a command-line is indeed quite complicated and troublesome. That is why on the internet, there are many GUIs made for FFmpeg.

According to the developers, the idea of ​​making a GUI for FFmpeg was also inspired by various video converters, some of which were quite popular, until finally, his hard work paid off in the form of a freeware called dmMediaConverter.

Features and Highlights

Download DmMediaConverter for Windows

The opening of the dmMediaConverter window is accompanied by the appearance of a simple, quick guide in the form of steps that must be taken to get started. This guide tells users to choose the type of tasks that dmMediaConverter must perform and to select the files to be processed.

At the outset, you must first determine whether you want to convert, merge videos with the same properties without re-encoding so that the quality remains the same, merge videos with different properties into a container such as MKV or MP4, trimming, and convert several files. at once.

You can also insert two videos at a time, then display one of them above the other video in an overlay. When playing in the video player, both of these videos will be broadcast simultaneously. The size of the overlay is quite small, but you can still watch videos clearly. The overlays can also be enlarged but unfortunately cannot by drag and drop.

To make an overlay, remove the checkmark in the Copy section in the Streams menu, click the Picture Settings button in the Stream Settings menu, open the Watermark tab, adjust the overlay position, and then don’t forget to check the Burn option.

A number of options in Picture Settings also allow you to make minor adjustments to saturation and contrast depth, change video resolution while maintaining aspect ratio or simply ignore it, rotate video (starting from 90 degrees, 180 degrees to 270 degrees), and overcome interlaced video problem with deinterlacing.

Download DmMediaConverter

What was slightly annoying was the removal of the video from dmMediaConverter automatically after the conversion was complete. As a result, you have to re-enter the video if you want to repeat the transformation. This situation is very troublesome if you are trying to find the right settings to convert a video perfectly. To overcome this, you must disable the Clear settings option when done.

Before encoding is done, you can specify the codec to be used like H.264, H.265, VP8, VP9, and others. Presets and profiles for each codec are also ready. Encoding mode is available between consistent quality or bitrate. If you want to control the size of the video file, choose the bitrate mode with 2-pass encoding. But if you prioritize quality, choose consistent quality.

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