Publisher Wide Angle Software
Latest Version 1.42.0
Category Communication
File Size 25MB
Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10
License Shareware
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Mobile phone owners who have computers often move files from the cellphone to the computer. Important files are copied to the computer as a backup, while files that don’t need to be carried anywhere are immediately transferred to the computer to free up cell phone storage. Software that can help the file transfer process is Droid Transfer.

Droid Transfer can move photos, videos, messages, documents, calendars, contact lists and phone history between an Android phone and computer. Data transfer is performed wirelessly via a WiFi network or using a USB cable. Users who choose WiFi must scan the QR code, while those who choose to transfer via USB cable must first activate USB Debugging on an Android phone.

Features and Highlights

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All files transferred to a computer are neatly organized automatically by Droid Transfer, so it is very convenient to browse and read. The arrangement of the file is made by storing files in different locations according to the file type. The location of the files themselves can be accessed through the menu line located in the far left panel in the Droid Transfer.

The menus include Calendars which contains a calendar with all the events recorded therein, Call Logs which contain call history, Contacts to store contact lists, Photos for videos and photos, Files to hold documents, Messages for MMS and SMS messages, and Music as a place to store collections of songs from Android.

Each menu has its own icon to make it easier for users to find the desired data. The Files menu is marked with a document icon, Call Logs are marked with a wired telephone receiver, Photos are marked with a photo sheet icon, Calendars is given an icon in the form of a desk calendar, and so on.

Data transfers made with Droid Transfer are bidirectional, so files can be transferred from Android to computer and from computer to Android. Files that have been transferred to the computer can be managed and edited, and if needed, the edited files can be returned again to the cellphone. Droid Transfer can move these files to internal memory or to an SD card.

Download Droid Transfer

About text messages, Droid Transfer can save them not only in text format but also in PDF and HTML. Saving text messages in these other formats can be done selectively by selecting messages that originate from only a few names of senders.

Reading text messages in Droid Transfer is also relatively more comfortable than reading it on the cellphone screen. Apart from the screen size factor, another factor is because Droid Transfer can display messages received by users within a specific time frame, for example, between January 10 to January 23.

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