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DxO is known as a very innovative technology company in the field of photo processing. This impression is further strengthened by the appearance of the latest version of DxO PhotoLab 3, which comes with a number of new features and old features that have improved capabilities.

DxO PhotoLab is a photo editing software that is focused on processing RAW photos. What makes it unique, DxO tests many cameras and lenses to develop DxO PhotoLab. All test results are collected in a database, which is then used by DxO PhotoLab to make photo corrections automatically. The database now contains tens of thousands of cameras and lens combinations.

Features and Highlights

Download DxO PhotoLab for Windows

The most exciting feature of DxO PhotoLab is its ability to reduce noise arising from the use of very high ISO when taking photos. You who like photography may already know that the noise reduction process usually causes the sharpness of the picture to be reduced.

With DxO’s innovative technology called PRIME Noise Reduction, noise in RAW photos can be reduced to the maximum without compromising photo quality. The time required to reduce noise is longer than the average of other photo editing software, but the results are also better. Color and photo details still look good after noise is reduced.

Masking or selecting specific parts of a photo to be edited separately is also easier to do in DxO PhotoLab thanks to the U Point technology that it uses. The way it works is by clicking on the part you want to edit to add a control point in the form of a crosshair.

One function of the control point is to determine the pixel to be used as a reference in editing. Within the area covered by the crosshair, each pixel that has the same characteristics as the pixel characteristics that are referenced will experience changes when you make an edit. Crosshair itself can be moved to other areas and can be widened to cover a full area.

Download DxO PhotoLab

In addition to editing the original photo directly, DxO PhotoLab users can duplicate photos called virtual copies and use these duplicates for editing purposes. You can make as many virtual copies as possible for each photo. Each virtual text can also be duplicated multiple times so that it can be edited with different presets. Then you can compare the edits between the duplicates.

This virtual copy feature is also an advantage of DxO PhotoLab because no matter how many duplicates you make, the duplicates will not fill the hard disk storage space. Each clone is only made in the form of metadata so that its size is only a few kilobytes. Even so, a duplicate can be edited as befits a photograph. The virtual copy itself can be made for RAW, TIFF, and JPEG photos.

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