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Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10
License Shareware
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After buying a new hard drive, maybe you want to move data from the old hard disk to the hard drive. How to copy-paste as usual you can apply, unless you also want to copy installed software and all of its configurations.

If you have RSS software like QuiteRSS and you want all the feeds contained therein to be copied to a new hard disk, or commercial software such as Snagit and you want the software to be copied entirely along with the license so that you don’t need to reinstall it, then you need to use EaseUS Todo PCTrans.

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EaseUS Todo PCTrans is software for migrating data between PCs and for copying software between local disks (all hard drives installed on a PC). To use it, there are some conditions you should know beforehand.

If data is to be transferred to another PC, then both must be on the same network. EaseUS Todo PCTrans must also be installed on both PCs. The operating system on the new PC must also be the same or newer than the operating system used on the old PC.

The capacity of the new hard disk does not have to be bigger because you can choose what files you want to transfer, but if you select the transfer method by creating an image file, you should buy a hard disk with a larger capacity.

There are several transfer methods available. To transfer data (including software) from one PC to another, you can use the PC to PC method and Image Transfer. Meanwhile, to copy software to another partition on a PC, the process provided is App Migration.

The procedure for migrating data between PCs is more or less like this:

1. Install and run EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both PCs that are already connected to each other.

2. Select the PC that you want to use.

3. Select the file you want to transfer.

4. Run the transfer process.

Download EaseUS Todo PCTrans

Before migrating data, it is recommended to make a restore point first on a new PC, especially if you also intend to move software that is already installed on an old PC to a new PC. If a problem occurs, the system can be immediately restored with the restore point.

There are other essential restrictions to consider before using EaseUS Todo PCTrans, namely the number of files to be transferred. The number of files that can be handled by the software depends on the version you are using.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free can only transfer 500 MB of data and move only two software. To transfer an unlimited number of files and software, you must use EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional or EaseUS Todo PCTrans Technician.

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