Emsisoft Emergency Kit Free Download Windows

Download Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2019.10.0.9800

Latest Version2019.10.0.9800
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Every anti-malware product has its own method of detecting malware so that the scanning results are not always the same. A file that is detected as a virus can be falsely positive, while a system that is considered clean may be infected. Therefore, to get certainty, it is often necessary to analyze the results of anti-malware other than those already installed in the system.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit is included in the anti-malware category mentioned above. This software can be run from a USB drive and is made as a complement to antivirus so that it will not cause problems if you run both at the same time.

Features and Highlights

Emsisoft Emergency Kit Free Download Windows

Because its function is only as a compliment, there is no real-time protection feature in the Emsisoft Emergency Kit. In other words, scanning can only be done manually. Even so, the file size is quite large — around 333 MB for the latest version at this time. After extracting, Emsisoft Emergency Kit will take around 710 MB of storage.

The first time it was run, the Emsisoft Emergency Kit contained a signature database that took a long time to process, followed by an EULA policy that you had to agree to. Then there are two choices, start scanning or updating.

Just like Panda Free Antivirus and Malwarebytes, there are three scanning methods available. Quick Scan to scan all active software, Malware Scan to track malware in several locations that are commonly used as a target of an attack, and Custom Scan to scan based on the parameters you choose.

In Custom Scan, the area scanned can be limited only to C drive or another drive, or only to certain files and folders. Scanning can be even more limited in scope based on file extensions. For example, it only scans PDF files, while other files are ignored.

Besides malware, PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs) can also be included to be eliminated. What is meant by PUP is software that does not spread viruses and the like, does not steal passwords, does not cause file damage, but does some annoying things like changing browser configurations and displaying popup ads. Some PUPs are quite aggressive in displaying advertisements so that computer performance can be very slow.

Download Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Many software, even those with shareware licenses, include PUP in their installations. Most PUPs are usually installed on the computer without the user being aware of them because they are in a hurry during the installation process.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit is the software you need when your computer starts to feel slow, accompanied by the appearance of various advertisements even though you are not using a browser. Malware hiding in archive files and e-mails can be detected easily. Rootkits also include types of malware that can be eradicated by the Emsisoft Emergency Kit.