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Download EZ CD Audio Converter 9.1.1

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It’s not easy to find the best software to convert audio files. If you are still searching, maybe what is offered by EZ CD Audio Converter will make you stop searching. It has complete features that significantly streamline the audio conversion process.

MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, Vorbis are some of the many formats supported by EZ CD Audio Converter. At least there are more than 60 audio formats it supports. Its advantages, including the appearance of the interface that makes the conversion process even more comfortable to do, can attract several users that are not small.

Features and Highlights

Download EZ CD Audio Converter

EZ CD Audio Converter supports batch conversion so you can directly insert many audio files at once and run the conversion process until everything is complete. By utilizing multi-core technology on the processor, the conversion process can be completed many times faster. Files can also be converted individually if indeed, you want to take the manual method for such purposes. In short, you are free to use it as you wish.

EZ CD Audio Converter supports gapless encoding. That way, you can listen to songs without gaps. Such song playback is called gapless playback, where the songs in the next sequence will be prepared when the song being played is almost gone, and the song that is ready will be played immediately when the previous song is finished. Gapless playback can generally be found on audio CDs because all songs are stored in one long audio track with a time marker for each song.

If another file is found whose name is the same as the name of the converted file, then the other file will be deleted and replaced with the converted file. This change occurs automatically, while the overwrite option is active.

The original file can also be deleted automatically after the file has been successfully converted to another format. If the conversion process fails or is canceled, the original file will not be removed so the user can repeat the conversion process until successful.

Download EZ CD Audio Converter

Creating templates for file names is also provided so that each song has a file name with the same pattern. For example, you can set the album name always to be placed first in the file name, while the song title is placed last. You can also insert other information as part of the file name such as album release year, genre, singer name, song duration, and song number in an album.

Each file name can be converted to a lower case so that everything uses lowercase letters. Space characters between words can also be replaced with other characters as long as they are allowed by the operating system, such as the minus symbol.

32-bit Windows

64-bit Windows

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