Publisher File Converter
Latest Version 1.2.3
Category Multimedia
File Size 40MB
Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10
License Shareware
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File Converter can convert and compress video, audio, image and document files. The most prominent advantage of this software is its practicality because the whole process from beginning to end requires only two simple steps.

File Converter is distributed free of charge and its licensing in the form of GPLv3 gives anyone the freedom to see the source code used to make it. Regarding the OS, it supports, for the time being, it is only limited to Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Features and Highlights

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File Converter immediately integrates with the context menu after you install it. So, you only need to right-click a file in File Explorer, choose the File Converter menu, and then select one of the presets.

After that, you can see the conversion process in a small window. The window will close by itself a few seconds after the conversion is complete (unless you set it to remain open).

The number of presets available in the context menu depends on how many presets you have activated in the File Converter configuration window. By default, several presets that are already active are provided. You can delete any preset, edit the preset, and create your own preset.

You can create three different JPG presets so that image files in other formats can be changed to JPGs whose image orientation rotates up to 180 degrees, or JPGs with low image quality, or JPGs with smaller resolutions.

After setting all the required presets, then another option that can be set is to determine what to do with the original file after the conversion ends. Leave it alone or moved to the Conversion Archives folder as a backup, or immediately deleted to the recycle bin. As a preventive measure, if you choose the first option, the converted file whose name is the same as the original file will be changed automatically.

The number of files that can be converted simultaneously can also be specified in the configuration window. The maximum number that is allowed is 16 files.

Download File Converter for Windows

Regarding file formats, the choice is quite varied. You can even convert Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to PDF format provided you have Microsoft Office installed in your operating system. The drawback may only exist in the codec used in converting video and audio because it only provides H264 and AAC.

So far, the claims from the developers who say that conversion and compression can be done in just two steps are true. The procedure only includes the selection of files to be converted and the desired file format selection. This two-step procedure will save you time every time a file needs to be changed in format.

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