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Latest Version3.4.1
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Often a photo must be edited before publishing. For that, you don’t need expensive software. With Fotor, you can already conjure up the results of camera shots that were mediocre into stunning photos. And as a bonus, you can also make Collage.

Fotor itself can be used offline and online, but you should just download the desktop version so it doesn’t always depend on whether or not the internet connection is smooth. Moreover, the file size does not take up too much disk space, which now has an average capacity in the terabyte range.

Features and Highlights

Download Fotor for Windows

The first thing that will catch your attention when running it is most likely the display interface. Cool The impact is indeed to reasonably large memory usage, but the positive effects can make users more comfortable in editing photos. The interface looks like a workspace, and in general, people are more comfortable working in a clean and beautiful room.

Its features are also impressive which are all grouped into four sections. Photo Editor for editing photos, Collage for combining photos, Touch Up for beautifying selfies and finally Batch for mass photo processing.

In the photo editing section, there are features to improve the angle of the photo-taking, vertical and horizontal distort to change perspective, decorate photos with frames, add textures, create bokeh effects, add words with shadow effects, and adjust exposure levels.

In the touch-up section, there are features to remove spots on the face, clone certain areas to be applied to other areas, improve red eyes, add eyeliner and eye shadow, and features to paint eyebrows. With these features, you don’t need to painstakingly change a blotchy, pimply face into a flawless one.

In the section on making collages, there are many templates available to combine photos in various forms. But you can combine a maximum of only nine photos. If the amount is more than that, then you must choose FreeStyle and set the merge manually. Actually, there is a Randomize feature to combine photos randomly but unfortunately less reliable because it is only able to shuffle photos about three times.

Download Fotor for Windows

As for the batch, you can resize, rename, and convert multiple photo formats at once, and add photo and frame effects. RAW photos can also be converted, but the process takes longer than other formats. Instructions regarding its function accompany almost every feature in the Fotor.

The instructions are in the form of text and animated images so that they are easy to understand. This is one of the advantages of Fotor. The drawback, there are ads in the free version. But its size is small and only in the bottom corner. The advertisement is only limited to promoting the professional version of Fotor.

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