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The security of a computer is still incomplete without a firewall. Antivirus alone is still not enough because the roles of both (firewall and antivirus) in protecting computers are different. To get the best firewall, you should also try to use an alternative firewall, so don’t just stick to the firewall provided by Windows.

Free Firewall offered by Evorim makes managing firewalls much easier. With his help, every software you use can be controlled so that you can’t access the internet without permission. Another great thing, Free Firewall can be run in tandem with Windows’s firewall or software firewall developed by other developers.

Features and Highlights

Download Free Firewall for Windows

No matter how much bandwidth you have, you certainly don’t want that bandwidth to be used for something you don’t use at all. In addition to slowing down internet connections, internet quota becomes quickly used up. Unfortunately not a few software that tries to access the internet when running, when in fact it is not necessary. Therein lies the privilege of Free Firewall that can monitor all software that is being run.

All software is not just monitored, but the names are also displayed in the Free Firewall. You are free to control each software by giving permission or blocking it through the menu provided.

Almost all third-party software is blocked immediately after you activate Free Firewall, only a few of them are popular like Google Chrome that is allowed to access the internet. Every time other software tries to connect to the internet, Free Firewall will display a dialog box to notify you and ask for confirmation for further action.

Free Firewall also displays Windows services in a separate panel. Besides the option to block, each service is accompanied by a search option so you can find out its functions via the internet. If you click on the “What does it do?” which is located next to the name of the service, Free Firewall will open a browser, search, and display search results for that service. Such methods of providing information are more effective than just presenting brief information for each service because users can obtain information from various sources.

Download Free Firewall

What should also be appreciated from Free Firewall is the ease in blocking the entire internet connection in an instant. One example of the usefulness of this feature is to avoid the appearance of popup ads when you are installing a piece of software. Some software, especially freeware licensed, downloads advertisements to be displayed in the installation process, which sometimes offers PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

Free Firewall strives to be more than just a firewall. It can be proven from several other options available such as the option to speed up website loading by getting rid of some web page components that are considered unimportant and the choice to block Windows telemetry and telemetry in other software.

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