Publisher Freemake
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Category Multimedia
File Size 2MB
Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10
License Shareware
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Because not everyone has the same taste, the music player software chosen can be different. Some prefer a simple music player like 1by1, and some prefer a music player that has a functional appearance like Freemake Music Box.

Like other Freemake products, Freemake Music Box is practical software. There are no advanced features in this software. The goal is indeed so that users can directly listen to music without having to change any settings.

Features and Highlights

Download Freemake Music Box for Windows

Standard features such as play, pause, stop, volume, shuffle, repeat, and next track and previous tracks to play songs. In this case, Freemake Music Box does not provide many options. There is no fade in and fade out effect. There is no normalization to equalize the volume level of each song.

The online song search feature covers this shortcoming. Freemake Music Box provides a search field where you can search by song name, artist, album, or any word.

Freemake can also guess what song you want to search based on the words you enter in the search field. For example, if you type the word “demon”, a few moments later a popup will appear containing the options that are ready to be clicked. The choices that appear may be Demon songs sung by Imagine Dragon or others.

If you ignore this option and click Enter or the search button, it will appear the search results for the word demon in huge numbers. The search results can then be played immediately or entered into a playlist to be played along with other songs.

In creating playlists, the number of playlists is not limited. The name of the playlist and the number of songs in it are up to you. But there are drawbacks, where you can’t move songs from one playlist to another. You can only pause or delete tracks in the playlist.

Playlists created with other music players can also be added to the Freemake Music Box. As long as the playlist format is supported, you can listen to the songs without problems. M3U, PLC and SMI are included in the playlist format that can be played on the Freemake Music Box.

Download Freemake Music Box

In addition to streaming, Freemake Music Box can also play audio files stored on local storage media such as hard disks. Drag and drop is also supported so you don’t need to click the Add files button repeatedly. Using Freemake Music Box is the same as you have unlimited access to a variety of songs that are claimed to have more than 42 million songs. As long as you use it, as long as you can also be satisfied listening to music from all kinds of genes without stopping.

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