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Publisher The GIMP Team
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Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10
License Open Source
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GIMP is an image editor that is usually intended for Linux users. GIMP is short for the GNU Image Manipulation Program that provides various editing functions and effects to improve image quality.

GIMP users usually come from Linux lovers, because this image processing application was developed by developers who focus on developing Linux.

GIMP runs on the GNOME desktop display (one of the GUIs available on Linux). When GIMP was first launched, it was immediately equipped with a free or public license, which means you can download and use it for free without paying a penny.

Features and Highlights

Download GIMP for Windows

Previously, GIMP was only available on UNIX or Linux operating systems, but over time GIMP was ported to run on operating systems other than Linux, such as Windows and Mac. Some of the superior features offered by GIMP are as follows:

1. Coloring Features

By using GIMP, you can color in the image. This feature will undoubtedly be handy for those of you who like painting landscapes or making Japanese comics or manga. And you can use the feature for free because GIMP has a public license.

2. Friendly Image Editor

Just like with Adobe Photoshop, with GIMP, you can also use to edit and edit photos with quality that is not inferior to editor applications such as Adobe Photoshop. Some features are also amiable and easy to recognize if you are used to using Photoshop.

3. Image format switching

By using GIMP, you can change the format to another format, remembering that not all image requirements must be with a .jpg extension, but some require to attach an image with a .png extension.

Download GIMP for Windows

Therefore you can use GIMP to change the extension of an image or photo. The process of switching extensions also does not require a long time and is very easy, just like using Photoshop.

GIMP provides many superior features that are packaged into plugins to facilitate image processing by the user, several graphic formats generated by GIMP include bmp, jpg, gif, pdf, png, svg, tiff and many other image extensions.

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