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Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10
License Freeware
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No matter how expensive the hard drive you have purchased, in the end, the hard drive will be damaged over time. The more often you use, the hard drive will be more vulnerable to damage. The problem is, the damage often occurs unexpectedly. Many hard drives can last for years, but many are damaged after less than a year of use.

Because the hard drive is part of the computer that is used to store files, the damage to the hard drive will also adversely affect these files. Some files may also be damaged so that the contents are no longer intact or even completely inaccessible. To prevent this, you must know the condition of the hard drive at all times. Software that will help you, in this case, is Hard Disk Sentinel.

Features and Highlights

Hard Disk Sentinel Free Download Windows

Hard Disk Sentinel continuously monitors hard drive health. The report presented by this software is also very detailed, but you can also immediately know the condition of the hard drive without having to read the report, which is through the temperature indicator located in the system tray. By placing the mouse cursor over the temperature indicator, brief information that shows the health status of the hard drive will immediately appear.

Another way to see that your hard drive is still in good condition is through File Explorer. The shape of the icon for each drive in File Explorer will get a slight change in the form of two indicators that indicate the health condition of the hard drive and the amount of hard drive storage space that has been used.

As for the temperature indicator on the system tray, not only the numbers change according to the temperature of the hard drive, but also the color. As long as the temperature of the hard drive is still below 43 degrees Celsius, the indicator color will remain green. But if the temperature is higher than that, the color will turn yellow. Above 50 degrees Celsius, the indicator’s color turns red.

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Within the Hard Disk Sentinel window, there is a special section that reports hard drive temperature in more detail. From there, you can find out the highest temperature of the hard drive since you installed Hard Disk Sentinel. Hard Disk Sentinel can also take several actions when the hard drive health status decreases to below 50% or 25% (or when the temperature of the hard drive is soaring high) such as displaying notifications, sounding warning repeatedly, sending notifications via email, turning off the computer, and make backups.

The backup option is unfortunately only available for the Professional version. With Hard Disk Sentinel, you can find out the problems that occur on the hard drive as early as possible, diagnose all the problems, and fix them if it is still possible to be fixed.