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Windows has its own built-in feature to view information about the hardware installed on a PC, but the information is less detailed. In this case, HWiNFO can present complete information.

Not only the installer version, but HWiNFO also provides a portable version which includes HWiN-FO32 for 32-bit operating systems and HWiNFO64 for 64-bit operating systems. There is no software license you need to buy because both are free. There is also HWiNFO for DOS, but this version has been stopped development.

Features and Highlights

When a technician wants to repair or replace a PC component, usually, the technician will first look for information about that component. Every technician certainly has his own method of finding the information needed. Some rely on the built-in features of Windows; some use third-party software.

If the technician uses HWiNFO, then the information that can be seen is not only information about the problematic components, but also overall system information. Detailed information can be used to determine whether these components can support maximum PC performance or even cause bottlenecks.

The first information you can see in HWiNFO is a summary of hardware information that in-cludes the name and number of CPU cores, motherboards, chipsets, BIOS date and version, GPU name, amount of RAM installed, the total amount of RAM, and operating system name and version.

More detailed information about these components, along with other components such as moni-tors and harddisk, are displayed in different panels. There you can get various information such as hard disk capacity, number of RPMs, number of cylinders and sectors, monitor name, moni-tor manufacturing date, the lowest and highest resolution provided by the monitor, network card, and many others.

Download HWiNFO for Windows

The hardware information presented by HWiNFO can be saved as HTML, TXT, MHTML, or XML files. You can also copy the summary into the clipboard. This summary is useful when you want to ask for help troubleshooting on an online forum because usually you will be asked about the hardware specifications you have. The goal is that other forum members can provide the most appropriate solution to overcome problems that occur on your computer.

You can also use HWiNFO to monitor the temperature of the hard disk, motherboard, and CPU. Internet connection speed and the total number of downloads and uploads that you do can be monitored in real-time. All this information can be displayed in the system tray with different background and font colors, as well as other information such as the amount of memory used and available, as well as page file usage information.

32-bit Windows

64-bit Windows