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Each user must need at least one software to view image files. Microsoft has actually met this need in its operating system, Windows. But, there are so many flaws in the Windows default features that then encourage the emergence of various third-party software to display images.

Examples include XnView, which supports hundreds of image formats and IrfanView, which is full of features. As for the more straightforward but still cool choices, you can try ImageGlass.

Features and Highlights

Download ImageGlass for Windows

ImageGlass supports more than 72 image formats, some of which include photos in RAW format and PSD files originating from Adobe Photoshop. The amount is not as much in XnView, but it is enough for daily use unless you often handle unusual image formats.

ImageGlass is quite fast in opening images, but the speed is no better than XnView, Windows Photo Viewer, especially IrfanView and JPEGView, which have outstanding speed. Even so, there are several advantages to ImageGlass that make it worth trying.

The first advantage is the toolbar, which is located above the image. This toolbar contains several buttons to display images before and after, rotate images, flip images, adjust image display, lock zoom, delete images, and display images in a slideshow.

Unneeded buttons can also be hidden. The trick, open Settings, and click on the Toolbar menu and set as desired. In the menu, you will also find several other buttons such as buttons for image format conversion, print, and several zoom options.

The next plus is the thumbnail gallery located below. While the contents of this gallery are thumbnails for all images that are in the same folder. The goal is that you can open other images without having to go back and forth between File Explorer and ImageGlass.

This toolbar and thumbnail gallery can both be displayed and hidden with the shortcut key. The thumbnail button on the toolbar can also be used for the same purpose if you prefer to do it with a mouse.

Download ImageGlass for Windows

There is an ImageGlass navigation feature that is similar to the FastStone Image Viewer. When the mouse cursor is placed on the left or right side of the image, the cursor will turn into an arrow. This feature is relatively more comfortable to use in ImageGlass. In FastStone Image Viewer, the pointer to browse this image is only visible when the cursor is shifted to the bottom right or left, and the size is much smaller.

ImageGlass is not the fastest software for opening images, but its navigation features are relatively better than all the other software mentioned above. It may seem trivial, but these navigation features allow you to browse images with just the mouse or only with the keyboard. So you don’t need to move hands from the mouse to the keyboard, then back to the mouse, and so on.

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