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There are at least two problems when creating a password. First, not all users know how to create strong passwords. Even those who know are sometimes reluctant to do it because it feels too troublesome. Second, too many accounts with different passwords and user names make it difficult to manage without software.

Both of the above problems can be overcome with KeePassXC. This open-source software is derived from KeePassX, while KeepassX was developed using Keepass’s source code. The question is, what are the advantages of KeePassXC compared to KeePass and KeePassX? You can read the answer in the next paragraph below.

Features and Highlights

Download KeePassXC for Windows

Unlike the case with KeePass, KeePassXC does not need the .NET Framework to be installed on Windows and does not require Mono to run on Mac and Linux. As for KeePassX, this software is still running well but has not been updated since 2016.

Also, at the front of KeePassXC, there are several buttons to create a new database, open an existing database, import a database from Keepass 1, and a CSV file extension. This is different from KeePassX, which only displays Welcome text without any instructions.

In creating a new database, you can choose a database format and determine how long a database is decrypted. The longer the process means, the stronger the encryption used to secure the database. By default, the time duration is 1 second.

The database can also be secured with a password, key file, and YubiKey. This last option (YubiKey) is in the form of small hardware that is quite thin. Its function can be likened to a key to open a door. So, besides entering the password, anyone who wants to access the database must also enter YubiKey. This method is undoubtedly safer, but there are rarely home users who use this hardware. On average only use passwords or critical files or both.

As for creating passwords, the easiest method is to use the password generator menu. In this menu, you can refer to the quality of the password that is displayed every time a new password is created. You can also stick to the level of entropy. The higher the entropy, the more complex the password is.

Download KeePassXC for Windows

The choice to create a passphrase also exists if you prefer it or believe that a passphrase is more reliable than a password. All words can be combined into one alias without spaces. It can also be separated by spaces or other characters.

There are advantages; of course, there are also disadvantages. At the moment, KeePassXC still doesn’t support plugins like KeePass. The synchronization feature is also not available, but this was intended by the developer to keep KeePassXC as simple as possible. Especially for this deficiency can be tricked by storing a database in the Dropbox or Google Drive folder.

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