Download KOPLAYER for Windows

Download KOPLAYER 2.0.0

Publisher Koplayer Team
Latest Version 2.0.0
Category Multimedia
File Size 600MB
Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10
License Freeware
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Playing games today has become one of the secondary needs, even for some people it has become a job. The game platform that is popular right now is an android game, but many users are objecting to the size of the downloaded game.

Then how to overcome these problems? Professional gamers usually use an android emulator to run and play the game.

Why use an emulator? Because in terms of specifications and capabilities will be better than using an actual android device. One android emulator specifically for gaming that is often used is Koplayer. It locates itself as a special emulator software for running Android games and applications on your computer.

Features and Highlights

Download KOPLAYER for Windows

  1. Online Multi Account, by using Koplayer, you will be able to run more than one game at the same time. Unlike emulators in general, Koplayer can run several of the same games at one time, so it will be useful for those of you who like gaming.
  2. Graphic Quality, usually when we run an android application that has a small size resolution as full as the android screen, then we run it on a computer that has a broader monitor screen, then the display will break. But that won’t happen if you use Koplayer, because the image quality and size will still be adjusted to the screen you have.
  3. Keyboard Control, by using Koplayer you don’t need to be afraid when you want to move or control objects on the screen because Koplayer can be operated using the keyboard. You can still use the keyboard like playing games on a computer.

The central concept that makes Koplayer the gamer’s first choice because when compared with other emulator applications, Koplayer is the lighter and better performance when running for gaming, because most of the android emulator is not for gamers’ needs but for the needs of developers.

Download KOPLAYER for Windows

Besides being comfortable to use, Koplayer is also relatively stable and compatible with various devices. It will facilitate you in enjoying multiple kinds of applications or games. Emulator, which has the slogan ‘play fun and smart’ is an application that is free software, which means you can download and use it for free.

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