Download Microsoft Office 2007 1

Download Microsoft Office 2007

Publisher Microsoft
Latest Version 2007
Category Office Tools
File Size 340MB
Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10
License Freeware
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Who is not familiar with this product from Microsoft? Until now, there is a newer version of Microsoft Office, even the most recent is Microsoft Office 2019. But many of the computer users, especially those who work as office people can not move on from Microsoft Office 2007.

Indeed Microsoft Office 2007 is one version that makes us computer users are reluctant to move to a newer version; one reason is that they are still comfortable with Microsoft Office 2007.

Features and Highlights

Download Microsoft Office 2007 1

Many things that make us feel no need to update Microsoft Office 2007 to a newer version is because they already feel familiar with it.

If we switch to the latest version, then we must learn with new menus, although in general, the menus available are the same, there are slight changes to the layout of the menu being moved. But for those of you who like new things, I will try the latest version. Some applications that are integrated with Microsoft Office 2007:

Microsoft Word 2007, almost all computer users are already familiar with Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is an application that has several functions, such as word processing, both for typing documents and other needs.

Microsoft Excel 2007, if Microsoft Word is an application for processing words, then Microsoft Excel is an application used to process numeric data. By using Microsoft Excel, you can easily manage numeric data, such as tables that contain numeric data. Microsoft Excel will simplify the process of calculating various kinds of operator functions, both addition, division, subtraction, multiplication and so forth.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, by using this application, you will be made easy in making presentations. Almost all types of presentations can be made using this application, plus Microsoft Microsoft PowerPoint is equipped with a variety of slides and effects that will make your presentation more interesting.

Download Microsoft Office 2007

In addition to the three applications above, other applications are part of Microsoft Office 2007, namely One Note, Outlook and Publisher. From the Microsoft, itself continues to notify users to update to Microsoft Office 2016 or Microsoft Office 365.

Why is that? Because Microsoft claims that they no longer provide updates or feature updates to Microsoft Office 2007, but it seems that users are still ignorant of Microsoft’s notice, because even though no updates have been given again, Microsoft Office 2007 can still function and the feature is still running.

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