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Instant messenger makes it easy to communicate long distances without having to bear huge costs. But ironically, a large number of them become a factor that complicates communication itself. Because not everyone uses the same instant messenger, some of your friends might use Skype, while others use Facebook Messenger. You can overcome this obstacle by installing different instant messengers or by using Miranda NG.

Miranda NG is the successor of Miranda IM that allows you to communicate with many people even though they use different instant messengers. Quite a lot of the protocols it supports, including ICQ, Discord, IRC, Tox, MSN, Twitter, and Jabber. The number of supported protocols can also be added via the plugin.

Features and Highlights

Miranda NG Free Download Windows

It doesn’t take long to open the Miranda NG window, which consists of two separate panels, the contact panel that displays your entire contact list, and the account panel to add and manage all the accounts you have.

At the top in the contact panel, there is a toolbar filled with menu buttons and options to temporarily turn off the sound, show and hide the account panel, hide offline contacts, view the version of Miranda NG that you are currently using, and display a little system information such as the name of the operating system, CPU name, amount of RAM, Internet Explorer version, operating system language, and hard disk space remaining in the partition where Miranda NG is installed or extracted.

The size of the menu button and the options on the toolbar are so small that each icon in it might not be so clearly visible, but you can enlarge the size manually through the Options menu. The distance between the buttons can be stretched so that it is not too tightly attached. Besides, the Single Line option can also be disabled so that all buttons on the toolbar will remain visible even if you reduce the size of the panel.

Miranda NG applies encryption to protect your data. Encryption can be applied only to data deemed important or to be applied totally to all data, which also includes history and settings. This total encryption is not recommended because it can make Miranda NG much slower.

Download Miranda NG for Windows

Another step taken by the developer Miranda NG to secure data is to provide a backup feature. Backups can run automatically when Miranda NG is started or closed every few minutes, every hour, every day, every three days, every week, every two weeks, and so on. The number of backups you can also control to a minimum. Backups can also be compressed if you don’t mind the long process.

On the official website of Miranda NG, there are hundreds of addons to enhance their appearance. There are 94 splash screens, 184 smiley packages, 280 skins for the contact panel, and 233 images as a background. There are 50 tools that you can also use to close Miranda NG by force, edit smileys, create icons, download up to 10 Miranda addons at once, and so on.

32-bit Windows

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