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Converting files is not the only function that you can find in this software called Mobile Media Converter. It also includes a video downloader and DVD ripper.

Mobile Media Converter is a collaboration of a team based in the Republic of Cyprus. This software development project is intended as a contribution to the internet community, which has been helping them in many ways. Mac, Windows, and Linux users are free to use it at any time.

Features and Highlights

Download Mobile Media Converter

The simplicity of Mobile Media Converter can be seen very clearly from its appearance, which is only a screen accompanied by four buttons neatly arranged at the top. In the screen, there is a hint in large letters, which tells the user that Mobile Media Converter supports drag and drop to insert files.

The File button, which is accompanied by a plus sign icon is also a clear indication that the file can be entered in another way, by pressing the button.

The procedure for running the file conversion process is not much different from usual. You enter all the files whose format you want to change, select the desired format, set how high the quality will be applied to the conversion, click the Convert button, and wait until the conversion process ends.

Every file format available in Mobile Media Converter has been optimized in such a way as to provide the best results. But if it turns out the conversion result is worse than expected, you can make a few changes. After the conversion runs correctly, you can save these changes in a new profile so that you can use them directly in the future without tinkering.

Cropping and trimming can also be done before the conversion starts. How to crop video in Mobile Media Converter is quite different because you have to use four slider buttons, each of which is located on each side of the video. After selecting the part of the video you want to crop, you can choose an aspect ratio between 4: 3 or 16: 9.

Download Mobile Media Converter

The tricky thing to do is trimming because there is no visual aid at all. Only two slider buttons are provided to determine the start time and end time. The preview feature does exist, but can only be accessed after you close the Trim Clip window. As a result, you may have to repeatedly open and close the window to adjust the trimming until the results are precisely the way you want.

What can’t be done at all is downloading videos from DailyMotion and YouTube. Both sites have indeed changed for the sake of change, while the Mobile Media Converter itself is still not updated to respond to those changes. The solution, use other software such as 4K Video Downloader which is indeed dedicated to downloading videos.

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