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Not everyone can enjoy unlimited internet packages; even unlimited packages have a reasonable usage limit called FUP. Once the limit is exceeded, the speed will automatically decrease until the end of the month. For the solution, Networx can be used to monitor bandwidth usage and set an alarm that automatically displays a notification message when the usage reaches a certain threshold.

After getting a notification, you can reduce streaming activity or delay downloading for very large files until the beginning of the next month. That way, you can prevent the connection speed drop due to FUP.

Features and Highlights

Download Networx for Windows

To activate an alarm, you must first determine the amount of quota in Networx. After that, at any time, you can see how much quota has been consumed and the remaining quota.

Networx also displays suggestions that mention the amount of quota that you should consume each day so that the quota lasts until the time limit you have set. For example, for a quota of 300 GB, which is valid for 15 days, the recommended daily quota consumption amount is around 20 GB.

The bandwidth usage report in Networx is quite detailed. Some reports are displayed in real-time; there are daily, weekly, and monthly reports. There is also a Custom option that allows you to review internet usage within a certain period, for example, from May 15 to November 21. Each report can be saved in CSV, TXT, or HTML and can be sent via email based on the schedule.

When you feel the connection speed has decreased, you may have visited a site like several times to check the speed. But sometimes the site is difficult to open because the connection speed is too slow. Networx provides a similar feature called Speed ​​Meter.

Download Networx for Windows

If you want to monitor the connection status in real-time, Networx has a graphical indicator in the form of a histogram that you can slide to the edge of the screen so that it can be seen at any time. The indicator can be made transparent and is equipped with a “click-through” option so that you can still click on the screen behind it.

Networx can be used to monitor one computer or all computers on a network, but with the condition that Networx must be installed on each computer. Of all the software that can monitor internet connections, Networx is software that has many features but is very lightweight. You don’t even need to install it because a portable version is available. However, there is a distinct advantage if you install Networx, the graphic indicator can be displayed in the taskbar.

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