Publisher Nomacs
Latest Version 3.14
Category Multimedia
File Size 40MB
Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10
License Shareware
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The number of image viewer software makes anyone freer to choose. There is software aimed at managing and displaying images such as XnViewMP, and there are also those that simply display images with little editing features such as Nomacs.

Nomacs has its uniqueness, which can display images in frameless mode. When activated, the image will be posted without background so that what is behind Nomacs will be seen. If you activate fullscreen mode together with frameless, there will be a little transparent effect on the background.

Features and Highlights

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There are several users whose eyes are more sensitive to the light emitted by the monitor screen so that as much as possible, they always choose software that supports dark themes or dark mode. In Nomacs, the option to change the light theme to dark can be found in the General menu in the Settings section. The background color can be adjusted manually if you feel that the dark theme is still not dark enough.

Nomacs also provides a thumbnail preview gallery feature like that of ImageGlass. The difference, thumbnail galleries in Nomacs can be shifted down or displayed vertically on the right and left. You can also move from one image to another in just one click on the thumbnail.

Image Note feature is the next feature of Nomacs that works to insert notes in each photo. This note will then be saved as part of the metadata information and can be displayed whenever you want to see it.

In addition to frameless modes, images can also be displayed in full screen with navigation menus in the form of play and arrow keys. The play button works to start the slideshow with three transition effects to choose from, namely swipe, appear and fade. The speed of the transition can be adjusted, as well as the duration of the image display.

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Editing features are also included, but nothing special. There are only basic features such as rotation, flip, adjust saturation, exposure, change color photos to black and white, and the like. Crop feature to crop the image is also provided but unfortunately, there are still bugs so that sometimes an error appears when it’s time to save the results of cropping.

Nomacs also supports tab features like XnView, but the application is different. You must open the tab first, and then you can open a new image in that tab. But if you open Settings or Batch Processing, both of these will automatically be displayed in a new tab. Thus the image being opened will not close. Overall, Nomacs is quite exciting software, but the speed needs to be improved so that it can display images faster. Nomacs can be used as an alternative when you want to see your photo album in frameless mode.

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