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Dense activities sometimes make someone forget about the tasks or needs that should be the top priority. Various ways can be taken to overcome them, including by placing a sticky note on the desktop screen. With software like Notezilla, sticky notes can be made easily and quickly.

Notezilla is available for Windows, Android, iPad and iPhone. Note that has been made can also be opened via the web. Thus you can access notes wherever you are via the internet. Notezilla can also make personal notes that cannot be opened by anyone but you.

Features and Highlights

Download Notezilla for Windows

Colorful notes

Each new note appears in a different color at random. You can change these colors manually. In addition to color, notes can also be distinguished from others by using themes.

Each note also appears in the same size. If it is too small or vice versa, note size can be changed via the Preferences menu. After that, each note will appear in the specified size. Note size can also be reduced and enlarged manually by pulling the edges.


Each note is equipped with an alarm feature. You are free to set when the alarm should sound. When the alarm sounds, the contents of the note will be displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen. The alarm can be activated once or repeatedly every minute, hour, day, week, month and year. The alarm can be activated to sound only on certain days, for example, every Tuesday or every Thursday.

Not only can alarms display the contents of notes, but it can also be used to run the software, open documents, and even open web pages automatically.

Note as an attachment

Besides being installed on the desktop, notes can also be attached to web pages, folders, documents, Microsoft Excel, or other software. For example, you can make a note that appears automatically every time the DuckDuckGo site is opened. The note can contain a list of information that you want to search further with the search engine.

Download Notezilla for Windows

Notezilla can also make secret notes locked with a password. Once locked, notes cannot be edited and deleted. The contents of the note will not be read. All that can be understood is the title. If the note does not have a title, then the first line of the contents of the note will be considered as the title.

Overtime maybe the number of notes will increase more and more. So that the desktop screen is not full of various notes, you can choose which notes need to be displayed while other notes can be hidden for a while. The Notezilla feature that is hard to find in other sticky notes software is its ability to override the Windows Show “Show Desktop” command that is usually accessed by Win + D. This feature keeps notes visible even if the shortcut key is pressed.

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