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Sometimes a screenshot can really help us. A screenshot of a receipt, for example, can serve as an evidence. A screenshot can even be used to let someone knows how to do something, but how detailed a screenshot can be is determined by the capability of the screen capture tool that you use.

PicPick is a versatile screen capture software that provides basic and advanced features accompanied with a list of customizable shortcut keys. It has everything you need to create a detailed screenshot.

Features and Highlights

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Full Screen capture, Rectangular capture, and Active Window capture are the standard set of capture modes available in almost every screen capture program. PicPick has more modes to offer, and that includes Window Control, Scrolling Window, Fixed Region, Freehand, and Repeat Last Capture.

All of these modes are accessible from the tray icon, but using shortcut keys is faster than clicking the icon. Each mode has its own shortcut key which can be changed in the Program Options window.

If you don’t want to remember all of the shortcut keys, you can use the floating widget instead of the tray icon. The widget serves as a quick access to the capture modes. It always stays on top but disappears once PicPick is in the process of taking a screenshot.

As soon as PicPick takes a screenshot, the image editor appears where you can transform the screenshot into a much more useful image by adding text, arrows, numbers, and stamps.

The editor also lets you blur or remove sensitive parts of the image, resize the canvas or the image, rotate it by up to 270 degree, add a logo watermark, turn the image into a grayscale version, apply pixelate effect, invert the colors, add border and frame, sharpen the image, and adjust the color balance.

The logo watermark and frame can also be added automatically for every screenshot that PicPick takes.

Even if you don’t edit anything, the image editor is useful as a visual notification to confirm that the screenshot is already successfully taken. It also lets you know immediately if there is something wrong in the screenshot.

However, the image editor may become a nuisance in certain situations. In such cases, you can disable it. The Auto Save option allows each screenshot to be saved immediately without opening the image editor or the Save As dialog. The file name follows the specified template which you can adjust by using the available parameters.

PicPick Free Download for PC

PicPick has more options to determine on what it should do for every capture, to share the screenshot in your Twitter timeline, transfer it to a cloud storage, send it by email, paste it to Microsoft Word so that you can use the screenshot for your article, to print it immediately, or to edit it with an external image editor.

Whiteboard, screen ruler, protractor, crosshair, color palette, magnifier, and color picker are the additional tools that can also be found in PicPick, so saying that PicPick is a screen capture software doesn’t quite do the justice. It is obviously more than that. You can click the link below to download PicPick for Windows:

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