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In choosing an office suite, the main factor to consider is compatibility with Microsoft Office. The reason, the Microsoft product is the office suite that is most widely used to create documents, especially within the scope of the company. If you receive an important document in DOCX format and unfortunately the software that you are using cannot open it, this situation will hamper your work.

The importance of compatibility is fully realised by a company called Infraware which then developed an office suite that can open and edit Microsoft Office files such as DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX. The name of the office suite is Polaris Office.

Features and Highlights

Polaris Office Free Download Windows

Cloud Storage

Polaris Office is available in several versions. There is one of them that you can use for free, but the version is a cloud-based office suite so your computer must have an internet connection to use it. The advantage, your files can be stored in the cloud which you can then open from campus, office or other locations via the internet.

Every month you get an upload of up to 60MB which is part of the Basic Plan. If your upload quota runs out prematurely, for example in the middle of the month, you can still use Polaris Office to create, edit and save documents. However, documents will only be stored on the computer. The document will be uploaded automatically to the cloud after your upload quota is reset at the beginning of the month.


Polaris Office has many document templates that can simplify and speed up your work. For creating DOCX files, templates are available for birthdays, posters, recipes, company documents, resumes to apply for jobs, brochures, invitations, and formal letters. For XLSX files, templates available for calendars, attendance lists, financial planning, invoices, stocks and a list of activities during the trip are commonly referred to as itinerary.


You can also share each document via email or by creating a link that you can distribute via Twitter, Facebook or maybe your site. Each document can be set to be edited or only to be read by those who get the invitation or know the link. If you are working on a large project in a team, Polaris Office can make editing documents easier.

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Polaris Office displays advertisements in a pop-up that appears in the lower right corner every time you want to create or edit a document, but you can close the ad so that it won’t interfere with work.

As an office suite that provides free cloud storage, even though its storage capacity is very limited, it’s normal that Polaris Office developers use advertisements to help reduce server costs and more. After all, the ad can be removed just by moving the mouse a little, which doesn’t take much time and certainly doesn’t drain energy at all.