Publisher Logixoft
Latest Version 2.26
Category Developer
File Size 2MB
Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10
License Freeware
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Revealer Keylogger is software for recording anything that is typed on PC and laptop keyboards. The recording activity is done quietly so that anyone who uses a computer will not notice it. Besides being able to be utilized in the business sphere to monitor employee performance, Revealer Keylogger can also be used as a parental control tool to monitor children’s activities on the internet.

Logixoft company based in France and has been established since 2008, distributing Revealer Keylogger in the form of freeware and shareware. Of the five main features featured, only two of them are provided in the freeware version, while the rest (screenshots, invisible mode, remote monitoring) are only available in the shareware version. The two main features are Password Protection and Keystroke Logging.

Features and Highlights

Download Revealer Keylogger for Windows

By pressing the Start button on the Revealer Keylogger interface, keylogging will start to run on the target computer. The results of the recording are automatically logged in a certain time interval and are sorted according to the recording date.

You can read the log at any time as long as it hasn’t been deleted. However, users of the freeware version can only read it in the main Revealer Keylogger window, while shareware users can send the log to Dropbox or send it via email, FTP or local network.

Each log can be deleted automatically based on its age, for example, a log that has been stored for one or two days. Deleting logs can also be done manually by right-clicking on the desired log, then select Delete. Another available method is to press the Delete key on the toolbar.

To hide your keylogging activities, Revealer Keylogger can be hidden so that it is not visible in the taskbar and system tray. Only through Task Manager that allows others to know the existence of the software, but this only happens if the version you are using is the free version. In the shareware version, the invisible mode can hide the Revealer Keylogger so that it is not visible in Task Manager, File Explorer and the Startup section of the System Configuration Utility window.

Download Revealer Keylogger

To re-display the hidden Revealer Keylogger main window, you must use the keyboard shortcut provided, which is Ctrl + Alt + F9. If you change the keyboard shortcut, you should create a shortcut that is not commonly used so that no one else accidentally opens the Revealer Keylogger window. For example, do not use F11 because these shortcuts are used to open windows in fullscreen mode.

Another step you can take to prevent the Revealer Keylogger window from appearing accidentally is to use a password. The dialog box for entering a password does not mention the name of Revealer Keylogger, so that other people will not know what the password is for.

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