Publisher Simplenote
Latest Version 1.15.0
Category Utility
File Size 100MB
Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10
License Shareware
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Simplenote’s simplicity in making notes that can be synchronized with various devices makes many users fall in love with this free software. The number of devices that can be connected is unlimited, unlike Evernote, which limits up to two devices in the free version.

Another factor that makes Simplenote widely used is its support for the Markdown format, automatic backups, and of course, also because the price is free—coupled with the availability of dark themes so that users do not have to always be on hand with a bright white screen when making notes.

Features and Highlights

Download Simplenote for Windows

Synchronize notes

To use Simplenote and synchronize notes, you must have an account first. The registration process can be done via the web or through the Simplenote main window. Enter your email and password, then click the Sign-Up button after that Simplenote can be used immediately without having to open an email to confirm account registration.

After creating an account, the synchronization process will run automatically every time you type or make changes such as changing tags. In this case, there are no options provided to set synchronization.

Sidebar that can be hidden

The central part of Simplenote consists of the sidebar and editor. The sidebar contains the title of the note, while the editor is the place where you take notes. To be more comfortable in typing, you can hide the sidebar so that the editor area becomes more spacious.

Sorting notes

All records are sorted by date of the most recent change, but can also be sorted by other parameters such as date of creation or alphabetically. The ordering can even start from the beginning to the end (A – Z) or vice versa (Z – A).

Such sorting certainly makes it easier for users to explore all the records, but of the many records, there may be some who want always to be displayed at the very top. For this reason the Pin to top feature is provided. This feature is located hidden in the Info menu in the upper right corner.

Download Simplenote for Windows

Tags are useful for grouping notes based on specific criteria. For example, all college assignments are tagged Assignments, notes containing shopping lists are tagged Shopping, whereas articles are grouped into Articles tags. To display all the tags, you must click on the menu button located in the top left corner.

To anticipate problems during synchronization that might result in loss of some data, you can backup manually using the Export feature in the File menu. All backups will be packaged in .zip format. Other Simplenote features include word count to count the number of words and characters in a note, making a checklist, print, history to return to the previous version of the note, as well as a feature to publish notes as a web page and share notes with other users to work with.

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