Publisher SoftMaker Office
Latest Version 2018.972.1023
Category Office Tool
File Size 400MB
Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10
License Freeware
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Many people force themselves to use Microsoft Office even though their work can actually be completed without having to depend on the software. Because the price is very expensive, for them the pirated version is not a problem. In fact, there are many other software alternatives that can replace the product made by Microsoft. Even most can be used without paying anything (freeware).

SoftMaker FreeOffice is a complete office suite for those of you who are looking for a replacement for Microsoft Office. The license allows anyone to use it for free for personal and business interests.

FreeMffice SoftMaker is also very popular because of its good compatibility with Microsoft Office. In other words, files originating from Microsoft Office (including those protected by a password) can also be opened and edited by them. In addition, since September 2019, SoftMaker FreeOffice has been able to save files in the ODT (Open Document Text) format.

Features and Highlights

SoftMaker FreeOffice Free Download Windows

As an office suite, SoftMaker FreeOffice has TextMaker for editing text documents, PlanMaker for creating spreadsheets, and Presentations that function the same as Microsoft PowerPoint. You are given the flexibility to install everything or only install what you need.

Each package carries its own superior features such as Text Maker which provides various document templates, PlanMaker which is equipped with hundreds of functions, as well as Presentations that utilize OpenGL acceleration to process animations in each presentation slide.

Another thing that concerns SoftMaker is the Ribbon interface. Since Microsoft introduced the interface, a lot of software has also changed the interface in hopes of reaching a greater number of users. But in reality, there are also many users who don’t like the Ribbon, especially those who are already familiar with the classic look of Microsoft Office. For this reason, SoftMaker FreeOffice provides the option to use the classic interface or Ribbon.

One other important point that might convince you to use SoftMaker FreeOffice is the absence of advertisements in the software. It is no secret that many of the freeware licensed software display advertisements as they run. In the office suite category, for example is WPS Office, but this is not the case with FreeOffice SoftMaker. Since installation, no ads have been seen.

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What is rather disappointing from SoftMaker FreeOffice is the absence of a tabbed document in-face (TDI) so that each document can only be opened in a separate window. The TDI feature is only available in the paid version called SoftMaker Office.

However, in several aspects, SoftMaker FreeOffice is actually superior to Microsoft Office. Lighter, portable, more customizable and so on. So, instead of hijacking or spending a lot of money to buy Microsoft Office crossover licenses, it’s better to use the free and legal SoftMaker FreeOffice.