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Before the internet emerged and developed rapidly until it became part of the modern lifestyle, files that were being worked on had to be carried everywhere in physical storage media (floppy disks, CDs / DVDs, flash drives). Now, just by relying on a file synchronization service, you can access files from different locations without having to carry the media again.

SugarSync is one of these service providers, and like other similar services, SugarSync also provides a desktop client for selecting files to synchronize. In addition to desktop-based computers, SugarSync also supports Kindle Fire devices and mobile OS such as Android and iOS.

Features and Highlights

Download SugarSync for Windows

What is often a concern when using file synchronization services is data confidentiality. No one wants their personal files to fall into the hands of others, let alone files that can have a bad impact on their owners. SugarSync ensures that data leakage will never occur by applying encryption technology that has been recognized by many parties as encryption that is impossible to penetrate with today’s technology, namely AES 256-bit.

Not only files that are already stored in the cloud are protected, but also files that are being transferred, and for that, SugarSync also applies TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology, which is a substitute for SSL technology. TLS is commonly used to secure various online transactions so that security is not in doubt.

SugarSync also allows files to be shared with others. You can create a public link to share it with everyone or send invitations via email to specific parties specifically.

Anyone who knows the public link can download the shared file, and the total number of downloads is displayed in the SugarSync dashboard. As for files shared through invitations, you can see a list of recipients of these invitations. Each recipient has access rights to view, edit, and delete files.

Download SugarSync

Another thing that is often a problem in synchronization is a file that is suddenly lost or corrupt. To overcome this, SugarSync saves the last five versions for each file as a backup. The number of backups can be increased by using the Protected Folder feature.

Guaranteed security and data integrity in SugarSync are very helpful for business people and professionals who work as public accountants, secretaries, data analysts, and so on. You who are interested in trying can use a free plan (free package) of 5 GB, which is valid for 90 days. After that period has passed, you can upgrade the package. Only around $ 7.49 a month, you can already get all of these features along with a storage capacity of 100 GB.

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