Publisher TagSpaces
Latest Version 3.4.2
Category Utility
File Size 55MB
Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10
License Shareware
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TagSpaces manages all your personal notes along with all photos and other documents using tags. This software will store your data offline, so there is no such thing as registering an account online. And from the three editions of TagSpaces offered, you can choose the one that best meets your desires.

The Community Edition is a special edition for those of you who don’t want to spend a dime. In contrast, the other two editions are the commercial editions with a relatively large annual fee with a complete number of features. For the Pro edition, each license that applies to one user must be purchased for 39 euros.

Features and Highlights

Download TagSpaces for Windows

You will be guided step by step as soon as you open TagSpaces. At first, you are faced with a choice of themes between dark and light, followed by the appearance of several instructions that explain the function of several icons in TagSpaces, a little information about the web clipper, and end with a license agreement that you must agree to.

One of the functions of TagSpaces is to manage files, so you can insert audio, video, ebook PDF, ZIP, and HTML files. Everything is displayed in the thumbnail form. TagSpaces is equipped with a music player, text viewer, PDF reader and video player so that all files can be opened directly within TagSpaces.

Of course, you can also open the files with other software as usual. Right-click on a file, click again on the Open File Natively option, and the software that is associated with the file format will open it.

The biggest drawback of the Community edition is the thumbnail that only applies to images. For files other than images, there is no thumbnail. Instead, it’s just an empty box with file names, tags and labels that indicate the file type.

Likewise with files generated from web clipping. There are no thumbnails. As for the web clipper itself, the features are standard. The only way to save the file is different. In Turtl, the clipping results are saved as bookmarks. On Evernote, the clipping results are saved to the server before synchronizing with the desktop version. In TagSpaces, results are stored offline.

Download TagSpaces for Windows

The results of the TagSpaces clipping can be screenshots in PNG format, in the form of bookmarks, in the form of an optimized and editable HTML file, and in the form of an MHTML file whose page views are attempted to be precisely the same as the original. You who are interested in this web clipper can install it on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

The file management concept that is carried by TagSpaces is actually good, but it feels less effective in the Community edition because of the limited thumbnails. Only image files can be managed optimally. If you can ignore these shortcomings, then TagSpaces can be paired with File Explorer to be used in tandem to manage files.

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