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Not everyone can afford to buy a Microsoft Office license. According to information from the Microsoft Indonesia website, prices for an Office license start at $ 249.99 (one-time purchase). With that high price, each license can only be used for 1 computer. So if you, for example, have 5 computers, it means you have to spend around $ 1,250 to buy 5 licenses.

By using Thinkfree Office, you can get rid of the problems above because the licensing costs are much more affordable. The files generated by Thinkfree Office are also compatible with Microsoft Office so you can send documents to each other with your colleagues who use Microsoft Office.

Features and Highlights

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Thinkfree Office provides Cell to work with spreadsheets, Word to process text, and Show to create presentation files.

Word can save files in docx, doc, hdwt (template), odt, and pdf formats. While files in Cell can be saved as xlsx, xlsm, xlsb, xls, ods, hcdt, csv, txt, prn, mht, mhtml, html, html, dbf, pdf, cell and xnl files. And for Show, the supported file formats are pptx, ppt, potx, ppsx, thmx, odp, gif, jpg, png, bmp, tif, pdf, show, hsdt, htheme and hpt.

Regarding how it looks, slightly different from FreeOffice Softmaker which gives you a choice to choose between a classic menu (or a traditional menu) and a Ribbon, Thinkfree Office combines the two in one interface. Each tab on the Ribbon contains a traditional menu that can be accessed by clicking the arrow button, while the arrow button itself is located next to each tab name.

Thus, the Ribbon and traditional menus can be used simultaneously. But, for those of you who really don’t like Ribbon and just want to use the traditional menu, you can hide the Ribbon menu.

Some users may underestimate menu display problems, but in fact, it is very important because it can disrupt workflows which ultimately results in inhibited productivity. What is meant by workflow is a person’s habit of doing a job. When you are familiar with something, it takes time to adapt when something changes drastically. Some users may be able to adapt well, while others will require much more time.

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Auto save and auto backup is equally important. Auto save to save any changes to the document that you are working on, while auto backup to backup the file that you have saved. If a file is suddenly corrupt, you can restore it from the backup.

Thinkfree Office is a solution to replace Microsoft Office that can save costs. You can try it for free for two months to make a decision about whether Thinkfree Office can meet your needs or not.