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Latest Version 1.10.0
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Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10
License Freeware
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TigerVNC is software whose main purpose is to control another computer from a PC remotely through a local network or the internet. One of TigerVNC’s uses is to access your files stored on a home computer when you are in another place, for example, when you are out of town or in the office.

Actually, for this purpose, you can use a file synchronization service that is relatively more practical, but if your files are very important and you are worried about privacy issues, then VNC software like TigerVNC can be one of the solutions because with it you can access your files by remote without going through another party’s server. VNC technology allows PCs to communicate directly (peer to peer) with computers that are to be remotely controlled. Both can also be connected through your server.

Features and Highlights

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The requirement to run TigerVNC is that you must install TigerVNC on the computer that is to be remotely controlled and on the PC that will be used to access the computer. The connection between the two can be protected with a password to prevent other parties who do not have access permissions. The password must be at least six characters long. Besides, you can change the port used by TigerVNC to make it safer.

TigerVNC can not only connect two computers but also to control several computers at once from a computer. The way it works is the same, TigerVNC must be installed on all computers that are to be remotely controlled.

To get a better response time, there are several options that you can take advantage of, such as choosing a compression level, JPG quality level, and the encoding used. The encoding types supported by TigerVNC include ZRLE, raw, Tight, and Hextile.

The choice of encoding type is made automatically by TigerVNC according to the connection speed. You can also disable the automatic selection and try to set it manually.

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Tight provides the highest level of compression to reduce bandwidth consumption when a connection is made through the internet. Hextile applies the lowest compression level so that it is suitable for use in local networks. Raw sends data as it is without compression so that the amount of data transferred will be very large, but the processor load will be reduced because it does not have to run compression.

Another way you can try to improve performance is to disable hardware acceleration on remote computers, but you need to be careful because this method cannot be applied to all computers. Some computers might cause problems after the hardware acceleration is turned off. Besides, you can also try to deactivate all animation effects and transparent effects.

32-bit Windows

32-bit Windows