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To install a Windows operating system, you need a bootable installer. In the past, the installer was made using CDs or DVDs as the media. But both of them have started to be abandoned slowly since the advent of the flash drive. The tiny file storage media indeed feels more comfortable and faster.

The risk of damage is even smaller, unlike pieces of CD / DVD that are vulnerable to damage because it is easily scratched. Flash drive is also not a hassle, and it’s easy to carry anywhere just by putting it in your pocket or pants. Also, the contents of a flash drive can be accessed without having to buy a certain device, such as a CD / DVD that requires an optical drive.

Because of these advantages, do not be surprised if the flash drive is preferred as a medium to create a bootable installer. The manufacturing process is also easier because of software such as WinToUSB.

Features and Highlights

Download WinToUSB for Windows

WinToUSB supports creating installation media for Windows 10, 8 and 7. All you have to prepare is a flash drive with sufficient capacity and an ISO file that contains installation files for the operating system you want. You also have to make sure the flash drive does not contain any files. The reason is, the flash drive will be formatted by WinToUSB so that all the files in it will be deleted.

Another key feature that has been around since WinToUSB stepped on version 2.0 is the creation of Windows To Go, a feature that allows you to run Windows directly from a USB drive.

Microsoft provides Windows To Go only for users of Windows Enterprise, and to install it, you must use a USB flash drive that has been certified. But these two limitations are not in WinToUSB. You are free to use any flash drive as long as it has enough storage space to accommodate Windows To Go. External drives can also be used instead of a flash drive.

Download WinToUSB for Windows

Making Windows To Go does not have to use a Windows ISO file. The Windows operating system that you are currently using can also be cloned to a USB drive. This method is more practical if you happen not to have a Windows ISO file or are reluctant to download it. However, you should scan with an antivirus so that the operating system is clean of all kinds of malware before you clone.

With Windows To Go, you can always use your own Windows even if you use someone else’s computer. The work is also easier to complete because you don’t need to adjust to someone else’s Windows, whose configuration might be very different from your Windows configuration. By making the bootable installer, you also won’t be confused when it comes time for Windows to be reinstalled. These two benefits you will get after using WinToUSB.

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