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XnViewMP is a modern version of XnView which has the same function but provides somewhat different features. Both can be used to manage, display, and edit images. As for the differences between the two, one of them is XnViewMP available in 64-bit and 32-bit versions. On the other hand, Xnview is only available in 32-bit versions.

The number of file formats supported by XnViewMP is fantastic. This software can open more than 500 types of files and save files in 70 formats. For example, RAW is saved as JPG or PNG is converted to JPG.

Features and Highlights

Download XnViewMP for Windows

XnViewMP provides four themes, namely Default, Dark Theme, Fusion, and Fusion Dark. Once you select one of them, the theme will immediately be activated without restarting XnViewMP. Also, the background color in the panel that serves to display images can also be changed to other colors.

XnViewMP view is divided into two main parts, namely Image View to display images and Browser View to manage files. In the browser, there are several panels such as previews, folders and histograms that can be moved around. This change in location can then be saved as a new layout.

When a folder is opened for the first time in XnViewMP, all images will be scanned and displayed as thumbnails. Then XnViewMP will store all the thumbnails in the cache. As the number of images that are opened, the size of the cache will also be getting bigger. You can limit the cache size or clear the cache manually to handle it.

Various ways to display images are also provided in XnViewMP, such as thumbnails, full screen, preview, filmstrip, slideshows and tabs. What is meant by this tab is that each picture is displayed in a tab. So if you open five images, all five will be opened in 5 separate tabs.

Of the many photos you have, some of them may look very similar. To see the extent of the similarity, Compare is available to compare up to 4 images at once in one tab.

Download XnViewMP for Windows

There is also a Similar Search Files feature specifically created to look for files that have similarities. Searching can only be based on file names, and it can also be based on the image itself. This second search method requires a longer time.

The photo editing feature in XnViewMP is also available. The number is limited, but some are quite interesting. For example, such as Spotlight that makes certain areas of the image brighter than the surrounding and Enhance Color to improve image quality. You do not have to edit photos one by one. Inside XnViewMP, there is a Batch Convert feature to edit multiple photos at once, such as cropping, adding watermarks, removing metadata, reducing noise, applying mirror effects, and reducing the intensity of exposure.

32-bit Windows

64-bit Windows

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