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To move files from one folder to several other folders, you must repeatedly click to open the folders alternately. It makes File Explorer less optimal in managing files so that many users turn to other more reliable file management software, namely Xplorer2.

File management in Xplorer2 is much easier than File Explorer because Xplorer2 displays two panels at once, which allows users to view the contents of two folders side by side. Each panel can also contain more than one folder, so you don’t need to open and close the folder multiple times to move or copy files. The two panels can be displayed up vertically or horizontally.

Each folder is loaded in a tab, while the tab position itself can be placed at the top or bottom. Each tab can be closed just by double-clicking on the tab. Tabs can also be moved from one panel to another by right-clicking on the tab then clicking the Move Across option.

Features and Highlights

Download Xplorer2 for Windows

Xplorer2 has several display modes such as Details, List, Large Icons, Small Icons, Mini Thumbs, Detailed Thumbs, and Thumbnails. The appearance of Mini Thumbs is in the form of thumbnails in smaller sizes with thumbnails spaced more closely. At the same time, Detailed Thumbs displays files and folders in the form of thumbnails accompanied by file size and attribute information.

Xplorer2 also provides a Stats feature to find out the number of files in a folder and subfolders, the number of subfolders in a folder, and the file size of each folder. The scanning speed is breakneck for folders that contain dozens of files but slow for folders that contain thousands of files in hundreds of subfolders. If you want to scan a drive to analyze its content, it’s better to use WizTree, which is much faster.

In addition to searching for files by file name, Xplorer2’s search feature can be used to search for files based on the contents they contain, for example, searching for all documents that contain the word “Xplorer2”. However, its ability is more limited than software that is dedicated to finding files such as DocFetch or Agent Ransack.

Download Xplorer2 for Windows

For users who have already tried Xplorer2 and are satisfied with the features it provides, Xplorer2 can be set to replace File Explorer, but the replacement must be made at the time the installation is run. After it’s been replaced, every time you press the Win + E keyboard shortcut, Xplorer2 will open.

The folder that you place on the desktop will also open in Xplorer2 if you double-click the folder. File Explorer replacement with Xplorer2 can be applied to one user or all users in Windows, but this feature is only available for Xplorer2 Professional and Xplorer2 Ultimate.

32-bit Windows

64-bit Windows

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