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Easy to get the desired song because the internet makes computer users generally have at least dozens of songs on their hard disk. That amount is still relatively easy to set up using only File Explorer, but what about collections of songs that number in the hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands? It is at this stage that the benefits of using Zortam Mp3 Media Studio begin to be felt.

Hundreds of MP3 songs that you have, maybe there are still many of them that do not have ID3 tags. Instead of adding tags one by one, who knows when it will be finished, you can do it in a much shorter time with Zortam Mp3 Media Studio. The song management software has the feature to add ID3 tags to many songs at once automatically.

Features and Highlights

Download Zortam Mp3 Media Studio for Windows

Just like image files that have metadata information, MP3 files also have their own metadata information in the form of ID3 tags. The contents of the metadata contain various information such as song title, singer name, album name, album launch year, song lyrics, cover art, and song genre. Zortam Mp3 Media Studio makes it easy to add metadata information, which is then used as a basis for managing MP3 files on your computer.

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio only adds tags to MP3 files that do not yet have tags, whereas those that already have tags will be ignored even if the tags are incorrect. But, you can set it so that existing tags are deleted to be replaced with new tags. Which tags you need to change can also be selected. For example, replace tags that contain album names only, while other tags are left as they are.

Through the use of ID3 tags, Zortam Mp3 Media Studio can also add song lyrics to the metadata of every MP3 file you have. The lyrics of the song can be read by any MP3 player software that supports ID3 tags. If there is less detailed tag information or cover art that turns out to be incompatible with the album, you can edit it manually.

Download Zortam Mp3 Media Studio

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio is not only for managing songs but also for adding to your song collection by providing features to download songs from YouTube. Each downloaded song is automatically converted to MP3 format and saved in the default folder or to the folder you previously set.

In addition to conversion to MP3s, each MP3 file can also be converted to WAV. If the songs that you have downloaded have different volume levels, you can normalize so that the volume of each song is always the same so that there will not be a song volume that goes up by itself.

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