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Zotero is a reference management software that is widely used by academics for writing papers. Zotero can also help general users who need methods other than those provided by the browser to save web pages in the form of links and snapshots.

Zotero can save as many references as you need. Storage capacity depends on the remaining size of your hard drive. Zotero also provides cloud storage for storage and synchronization, but which can be used free of charge is only 300 MB for each user. As long as you do not exceed this limit or as long as you only store references offline on your hard disk, then there is nothing you have to pay.

Features and Highlights

Download Zotero for Windows

Users can add references from various sources directly inside Zotero and fill in all necessary information manually. This method can be taken to manage recommendations that come from offline sources such as printed books, magazines, or even from the seminars you attend. As for references in the form of journals, videos, blogs, articles, or other originating from the internet, the Zotero extension needs to be installed to facilitate the collection of references.

If you only plan to use Zotero to collect links as well as the bookmark feature in the browser, then there are only two steps that you must run to use Zotero, which is to install Zotero and then install extensions according to the browser that you always use.

If you want to use Zotero for academic purposes, then there is one more step you need to go through, namely integrating Zotero with software that you use to type, such as Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, or Google Docs. The integration itself can be done using plugins.

In addition to plugins provided by Zotero developers, there are several other plugins that come from the Zotero user community to integrate Zotero with other software such as Adobe Brackets, Atom Editor, and Sublime Text text editors.

Download Zotero for Windows

How to use Zotero to store references is more or less the same as how to bookmark a web page in the browser. Every time you find a web page that you want to save as a reference, you can right-click on the Zotero icon on the toolbar or right-click on the web page to access the Zotero menu.

In the menu, you can choose to save web pages only as links or save them as snapshots and links. You will never again lose information with Zotero because every information you get on the internet can be directly collected in a database. Zotero’s search feature allows you to search for information in that database quickly so you can read it again or use it as a reference in the document that you created.

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