Dropbox Free Download for PC

Dropbox 111.4.472

PublisherDropbox Inc.
Latest Version111.4.472
File Size143MB
Operating SystemWindows 7 / 8 / 10
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By using Dropbox on your PC, you can sync and share files automatically without having to upload them manually as you would through a web browser.

Dropbox functions as another folder on your computer, but with a few differences. Any files or folders embedded in this software will automatically sync to the Dropbox servers and other devices linked with your account.

Files or folders that have successfully synced will be marked with a green checkmark. Using Dropbox, you also don’t have to worry about security because all data is transferred via SSL and encrypted with AES-256.

Features and Highlights

Dropbox Interface for Windows

Although it can be accessed via a web browser, if you want to manage files more easily, Dropbox for PC is recommended. Here are some of the advantages of Dropbox that you need to know.

  1. Save and access files from anywhere. By uploading files to Dropbox, you can access files on various devices, including computers, phones, or tablets. Apart from that, you can also create and customize Microsoft Office files directly.
  2. Automatic Synchronization. Unlike the web-based Dropbox, which requires users to upload files or folders manually. By using Dropbox PC, the synchronization process can be run automatically.
  3. Helps you stay focused. Dropbox can help you be more focused and save search time. This software can intelligently suggest important files based on your activity.
  4. Access essential files and folders. You can mark essential files or folders with stars to help you find them quickly.
  5. Collaborate. Using Dropbox, you can complete projects with a team. Each user can know the progress of the project, the latest activities, and so on.

Dropbox Free Download for PC

This software also provides admin features; with this feature, the admin can find out team activity, determine who can access specific data, etc. Dropbox is suitable for those of you who frequently manage Dropbox files via PC. By using Dropbox, your job can become more manageable.

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